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The use of prescription medications for recreational use is becoming a huge issue amongst teenagers. Prescriptions for drugs like Adderall are on the rise. Adderall when used as intended helps treat and manage the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also known as ADHD. The medication helps them maintain focus and keep their lives organized. An individual with ADHD has an imbalance of Dopamine in the brain, Adderall helps balance those levels, making the person feel less hyperactive. The medication is very helpful to people with ADHD, with most patients regaining control over their lives and feeling less compulsive. The price for Adderall can be a little high but patients have the option to buy Adderall online, giving them a cheaper option.

The potential of abuse comes from the fact that Adderall has a direct effect on the Central Nervous System. In our brain there is a region called the "Pleasure Center", this region is responsible for releasing different types of chemicals to make us happy. Chemicals such as Dopamine and Serotonin are directly linked to our mood and state of happiness.

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Adderall in is in a class of drugs called stimulants, it's also an amphetamine, but not just a normal amphetamine. It's a combination of 4 separate amphetamine salts. This makes it a powerful mood-enhancing drug, users report feelings similar to using Cocaine, Ecstasy and Crystal Meth. When Adderall is used in the same sentence as those illegal substances, that should give you an idea of how powerful this small little pill is.

The reason why Adderall is so attractive to teenagers is because of its stimulant properties, and the fact that to them it's just a medication. Kids who use Adderall would never ever think of trying Cocaine or Crystal Meth but Adderall is somehow socially acceptable to them. Maybe because it was legally purchased and prescribed by a doctor, someone trustworthy and professional, instead of a drug dealer behind a dark alley in the back of a liquor store. Kids can also buy Adderall online, sometimes faking a prescription in order to get the drug. Online pharmacies, however have become much more advanced and usually contact the doctor who wrote the prescription before shipping the medication. This misconception that it's a medication and not a drug is causing a lot of people to become addicted to prescription medications like Adderall and Adderall. Adderall used to be the most popular medication for treating ADHD but Adderall has now taken its place. Due to it's potency and long lasting effects.